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EOTA Artwork - Flynn

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Posted by Xander

So after a couple of crappy days not being able to draw anything, I hereby present to you my revised artwork for Flynn, my EOTA character. Now, unlike the last time, I have a decent base with which to develop the character art from.
The main problem last time was making him seem a bit more like a man in his thirties, which you'll see if you look at the godawful piece I uploaded a while ago. The outfit is unchanged, though I ditched the crappy armour vest he had the last time.
Anyway, yes there is much room for improvement but I'm glad with the fact that I managed to just pull this off. Like Claire, he'll be getting a couple of new art pieces until I feel satisfied with the result.
I drew this with my usual HB pencils and smooth cartridge paper, inking with a biro pen (I REALLY need to get proper inking kit) and I coloured him with Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Anyway, now this is done, I think it's time for that long overdue Rika artwork, no? :p And with that I'll leave you with his character bio:

The story so far then...

Sergeant (former) Flynn A. Zedek. Born 1260 AW in Zema on Mota during the rule of Motherbrain. Shortly afterward his family relocated to an unnamed village in the countryside. When he was 5 he met Claire, who was also 5 years old. They knew no other friends and so spent a lot of their time together. Despite knowing each other for so long Flynn knew very little about Claire or the rest of her family, who he had never seen or met.

When they were 12 he was given a small crystal as a gift from Claire, though neither of them knew what it was, he has carried it with him ever since. An accident on that day left him badly injured and it was Claire who healed his wounds with Resta technique, something she revealed she has been able to do for some time. Ever since this day they have both felt some strange sort of tugging on their minds as if they're somehow connected, though they've given it no thought, putting it down to knowing each other for so long.

During 1275 AW, when they were 15, an earthquake hit their village. Among the casualties was Claire, her house having collapsed on her shortly after she had left Flynn for the day. However her body was never recovered and Flynn began to search for her, believing she was still alive.

A year later, at age 16, he enlisted with the army hoping that somehow this would help him in his search. During the 12 years he served he would rapidly rise to the rank of Sergeant and took part in many major campaigns, including the destruction of a large space pirate that was threatening the Algo system.
During the Goragan Crisis, 1288 AW, was when it all came to an end for him. While acting as crowd control during a riot over medical supplies his commanding officer ordered his men to open fire on the civilians. Flynn disobeyed the order and instead decided to pound his commander into the ground. He died of his injuries shortly after and, following his court martial and dishonourable discharge, Flynn was sentenced to life in a military prison in a remote region on the ice planet Dezo.

Two years into his sentence the prison was attacked by an unusual horde of Bio-Monsters, resulting in the deaths of all inmates and prison personnel. After battling for 3 days Flynn was wounded and cornered by them. During his time of need he began to feel that psychic tugging in his mind again, but stronger than before. As well as this, the crystal he carried with him was pulsing with unnaturally bright light and he felt his mind clearing and focusing. This allowed him to cast the Resta technique and heal himself. Continuing his fight to escape, he finally emerged after a total of 5 days to be met by the harsh Dezo wilderness. No rescue party had been sent to investigate the situation so Flynn was able to walk free, presumed dead along with everyone else.

Two years have passed since then and Flynn has made a living as a Hunter while continuing his search for Claire. Fate took another twist for Flynn however. He had managed to stow away on-board the F.I.S.S Repentant, a military vessel bound for Dezo and was en-route when the ship was attacked. Grabbing his weapon he emerged to find the ship had been boarded by attack mechs, though who had sent them was unclear. After a brief fight he stumbled upon a ragtag group of people fending off a mech attack squad. After helping them out he decided to accompany them to the ship's bridge, feeling they could use his help.
Having fought their way to the bridge it was revealed that the mechs had been sent to capture a particular member of the party, who seemed to have no idea what was going on around them. Before they could change their plans the bridge was breached by a large attack mech. Backed into a corner they were forced to fight for their lives. Heavy casualties were sustained and all would have been lost were it not for the timely arrival of reinforcements.

They were taken to Dezo, where Flynn heard the group was being sent to New Terra to meet with the former head of the military General Adam Freeman. While he wished to steer clear of the military, Flynn was sent along as well, hoping he would never be discovered. Before the meeting with Freeman, he fell into deep sleep and entered into a dream vision of his home village where he finally met Claire again. Assuring him she was alive and well and explaining past occurrences to him, she told him to put his faith in Freeman and accompany the others he had met.

Realising someone of her abilities could only know about Freeman if she was among the Espers, he met with Freeman, hoping he may know something through his relation with them. At the meeting he was informed that he was to face trial for his past crimes. However, a bigger surprise came when Freeman informed him he was going to represent Flynn personally.
He is currently on trial, accused of the deaths of all inmates and personnel at the prison he was being held in.

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