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MrKite Request - Shir Gold

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Posted by Xander

Ok so time for the Shir art I promised MrKite.

So here are the facts; the posse I had intended to use didn't work so I was forced to go for something simpler or risk going nuts. >< I also took the time to draw some proper arms in. It's about time I practiced more often, so apologies to you if you feel this kind of ruins the picture.

I also added a nod towards Snorb's fan fiction by having 'someone's' wallet tucked in her waistband. :p It was more of an afterthought. I should have probably added some speech text too.

Anyway, that's one request fulfilled. Hope you enjoy it, though I do kind of have reservations about this one. I kind of preferred Amy for some reason.
Now it's time for some practice and then on with H-Man's Saya art request. :D

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