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Alys, Chaz, and Rika

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Image of the Day - October 12, 2010

In this collection of sketches, we can see a variety of drawings Sega would have used in promotional material for Phantasy Star IV. The Alys and Chaz sketch is a familiar piece we have seen before in various stages. This version lacks the strong defining inks or coloring of later versions we have seen previously. The sketches of Rika's laughter show us her exuberance and joy at exploring the new world open to her after leaving Seed's care. The bottom might even be a sample of a reaction to one of Raja's jokes. At the top, a slightly chibi version of the numan girl is reading through a magazine. This would be a perfect illustration for a manual or book about the game.

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Phantasy Star Collection (Saturn)
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alys, chaz, numan, rika