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Autumn: Slightly Older and Redesigned

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Posted by Lucas

Okay it's been a little while since I drew some artwork, so this is what's new. Basically to go with my previous drawing of Autumn when she was younger this time around I drew her slightly older than what she is in my story. You should see a few differences already, I also decided to give her a little more arm muscle to go along with her healthy and fit style she carries. I didn’t 'want to go to overboard though because I don’t really like female characters with huge man arms. Her hair is also a slightly darker shade of green.

Probably the thing I’m most unhappy about is the positioning of her legs they didn’t seem to turn out as I wanted them, after a while I got tired of redrawing them and left them as is.

Well guys let me know what you think of her this time around. Do you like her design here or still prefer her from before?

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