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PS2 fanart - "We meet again Rolf."

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Posted by Xander

I drew this one last night just to have something to do and to make up for the fact that the last version of this turned out badly.

Anyway, a few changes were added. I drew her head at a 3/4 view for one (Yes I CAN draw front view, I just didn't feel like it this time) and added the more obvious stuff you can see. What I found funny is that you can't see her ears in the original portrait and I can't see any hair that would be blocking it. It's as if they forgot to add them. Anyway, I fixed that here by adding some more hair. I mean, why not? :D

Anyway, it's probably my quickest drawing so far at just over an hour. :) So I'm either getting the hang of things or this is a terrible drawing.

Oh and the hair was kind of experimental. I didn't seem to have the right colours for the job. Though that said, this seems to have done so far. I know I'd probably change plenty about it, looking at it now.

Anyways, enjoy. :)

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