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Common Loon

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Posted by Wolf Bird

Yes, I am back with bird drawings! ^_^ My wrist is well enough to do a bit of drawing here and there.

So this is a Common Loon. I am both proud and disappointed about this. The disappoint comes in the water...I need practice with drawing water and related reflections in color. Big time. But I am also proud because I figured out a MUCH better way to use metallic pencils. Loons have a bit of greenish iridescence in their heads and I think I captured that fantastically. ^_^ Again, I did do a little bit of photo-editing, just upping the contrast a bit. It seems to help with drawings that are A) pencil or B) mostly black and white.

Hope I can start churning these out more regularly. As I want to learn sculpting and sculpt a raven specifically, I should probably learn to draw them REALLY well first. ;)

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