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PS2 Fanart - Shir on the job.

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Posted by Xander

This is probably more of a rehash of an old art piece. For those who remember I once drew Shir in the same outfit. Some of you may also remember I said would draw a background in later but never did. :D

So anyway, my planned Amy art didn't turn out as I wanted so I'll need to rethink it. Then again, trying to draw a pose from no reference is kind of hard. Does anyone think it would be a good idea to get one of those mannequin doll things that you pose for artwork? I feel it might actually make things easier. Let me know. :)

Anyway, blah blah and stuff. I ended up coming up with this one and set to work. For those who aren't in the know, it's meant to be taken from when she's sneaking around inside the Kaiser Building in her text adventure game.
A couple of hours later and I had the lineart done and something that worked at last. :D Relief! I drew the background in this morning. Gosh I forgot how much of a pain trying to draw something like that was! ><

Anyway, it's done now and all coloured. That only took about 6-7 hours to do. But then it does cover an entire page of A4. ^^

Next up: Selling my soul for CG colouring lessons. Seriously though, while I'm fine with my pencils, backgrounds are never going to turn out as they should and won't measure up to the rest of the drawing. It just doesn't work. Though as I've learned, CG backgrounds don't looks so good on a picture coloured with pencils. I really would like to learn how to do it.
I have photoshop elements, PSP Photo Pro and I'm sure I saw a trial of PSP 8 kicking around here somewhere, but I have no idea how to use them for this. Would it be too much to ask for someone to point me in the right direction for this? Books, websites, etc. It would be much appreciated. :) I have to wait until september next year if I want to sign up for evening classes for Photoshop.

And before I forget, I'll be photographing this later. So expect a slightly less wishy-washy version to appear tomorrow sometime.
Anyway, rambling over. Hope you like the artwork. :p

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