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Drama CD Roy

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Image of the Day - September 22, 2010

This old man, Roy Raogree, is a merchant and adventurer operating on Motavia, three years prior to the events of Phantasy Star IV. He appears only in Phantasy Star Memorial Drama CD, where he is an acquaintance of the young Chaz Ashley. When Chaz learns that Nei is searching for a peculiar landmark, the lad takes her to Roy for information. Roy sells her a map leading to the location she seeks, but takes an odd form of payment. An odd collar and an old, damaged claw are all he asks. As "change" for this payment, he provides Nei with a special claw, rumored to have been created by the legendary wizard Lutz: the Nei Claw. Unfortunately, Roy dies a short time later during a biomonster attack.

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Phantasy Star Collection (Saturn)
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