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Not another one!?

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Posted by Xander

Yep, it's time for more of my now surely infamous Rika fanart. Drawn full size on A3. I really should just try and go to A4 and scale down my drawings. :D

Anyway, I decided to try and throw up another background of my own, though realised I lacked the shades of brown necessary for a sandy look so had to make do with a mountainous landscape.

Anyway, I have one more piece of Rika related art to do before getting off this Rika kick and onto some of my other projects. That being a request from H-Man to draw her as she appears in his 'Hunter in the Fox's Den' fan fiction. Having given a load of thought for how it's going to turn out I'm nudging it to the top of my list. I might as well do it while I'm in the mindset. :p

After that, expect some art involving; Alis, Alys, Demi, Mieu, Rhys, Rune, Chaz, Zio, Amy, Nei and Shir. Gots me a long list of things to get through. :D

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