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Happy Trio

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Posted by Atlinsmere

This was the art that was submitted in mine and Kaloes' art contest we had. In the order of left to right we have Chris Federle (Me), Ami Laruna, and Mathew Fischer (last name pending).

Keep in mind that some of these designs are still under constructio, for example, Matt has a new design. He now has a ponytail and no hat. So this is technically short haired Matt? >.>

Atlinsmere wrote:Here's my entry for our contest. As you can see, it's me, Ami, and the new guy I created, Matt. Yes, this is the guy who's Journal you've been reading. =P I spent a great deal of time on this. This particular pose with Chris and Ami was inspired by this image. This is my new original style, and so far I'm pretty happy with it, even though it took a lot of time.

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