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No Alis fanart here.

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Posted by Xander

At least, not yet. She's a work in progress. I forgot how hard it was to draw someone you've never done before. I'll maybe post up my test piece later for you all to laugh at. :p

Anyway, in the meantime, here's something I drew over the weekend, seeing how I had nothing to do and as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. besides, I had to make up for that god-awful Rika piece I submitted last time. :D

The background was more of an afterthought, as I said on my DeviantArt page. (shameless plug) But I'm glad I did because plain white backgrounds aren't so great, my gradient backgrounds are getting old and CG stuff doesn't go well with stuff coloured with pencils. It seems to ahve helped the picture pop more than normal, thouhg the scanning process almost removes all of that. ><

Anyhoo, enjoy it folks, I'm going to continue working on Alis and hopefully I'll be able to provide something more finished looking in the coming future. :)

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