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Ami Lee Laruna

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Posted by Atlinsmere

Simply put, here's my latest drawing. Once again it is a base drawing from "The Monster Book Of More Manga" this time from "Magical Girl" pages 40 - 45.

I liked her design so much that I popped on my A-Row logo on her sweater and gave her a name. Thus I present to you Ami Lee Laruna. Special thanks goes to D for helping me pick out a name that suit her.

[edit 1]There are a few mistakes that I'll fix up later when I decide to colour it.

[edit 2] Yes, it is a girl. This is perhaps my third girl I ever drew successfully. What sucks is that one of my girls I drew was originally a MAN! >.> Also, thanks to Lyla for reference on creating a female eye. Without that, I wouldn't be able to have finished this. I ended up transforming my male eye into a female eye through this process.

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