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Dr. Sage, please report to the Director's office.

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Posted by Xander

Back to rock ye all with my coloured pencil weirdness. :p

Yesterday I realised I've been doing quite a bit of PS IV related fanart, so I decided to break the cycle with another PS II piece before I go back and try my hand at Alys.
I was thinking of drawing her holding a clipboard but by that time I had coloured her and so had no choice. I drew up a quick background just for a change as well. I mean it's a hospital, the decor isn't exactly jazzy.

And for extra nerdiness I added the signs to the wall pointing towards the same places as they appear in Amy's text adventure game. :knockout:

Anyway, onwards to more artwork! I haven't drawn Alys yet so expect something pretty simple to come next. I don't think trying my hand at original stuff is a good idea until I've at least drawn someone once.

Comments, feedback, etc. welcome as always. :)

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