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Chris Federle - terran Fighter

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Posted by Atlinsmere

Ha ha. I stole Solar's topic name. =P

But first off, I'd just like to say a few things to clarify why this is much different than my other art. The reason being is that I traced the base (bad Atlin is bad, I know) from a book I bought titled "The Monster Book Of More Manga"

This particular pose is from pages 218-223 where it covers the Samurai. As for me, I just simply made my own clothing, and adjusted the hands since they didn't quite fit. It was also hard to do the shoes to make them look right. Not to mention, when I traced the original, I rushed it because I was standing in front of a hot window so some things (like the shoes) don't look right. >_<

So yeah, for those who haven't realized it, this is me. Also, this is me in EOTA. Funny thing is, I look a lot like this when I have my hair cut, just a lot more ugly. x3


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