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Do over!  My first ever drawing  revisited.

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Posted by Xander

As the title implies, this is a redo of my first ever drawing, nevermind PS fanart, of Rika.

Sadly I also decided to try out some new paper and wasn't so cheery with the end result, getting a waxy finish with my colours and pencil lines that smudged a lot during the process of drawing, both showing up in the scan something awful, leaving me to take a photo instead and up the contrast etc until it looked as close to the original as possible. I just couldn't seem to get a solid colour with anything and was shocked when I compared it to my last pieces and saw the difference. If you want my opinion, stay away from bristol board. ><

Anyway, while the paper choice left me less than pleased with the result, particularly the scanned version (trust me, the drawing itself looks a lot better) the result, especially in comparison to the drawing below is fantastic. :D And I'll be sticking to my cartridge paper as of now, but I'll be doing another drawing soon to make up for this one. :p

Comments and feedback welcome as always. Just not the olde one down here. DeviantArt users can critique this one on page.[/url]


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