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"Wanna get whupped again?"

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Posted by Xander

Ok, it's time for my latest piece of fanart to show itself.

As the title and picture implies, this is all to do with Chaz, Rune and their constant bickering throughout PS IV. :D

I had originally tried to have it so Rune was grabbing Chaz by the collar but that didn't work out properly because I had drawn Chaz too far away from him. A dozen failed attempts at drawing a fist were just as fruitless as well so I decided to just leave it as it is. Maybe when I get better at drawing hands I will eventually throw one in, but as it was, I was marking the paper terribly and had to stop before I made it worse.

All in all, I'm still chuffed with how this came out, considering I haven't been in my best mood for doing much drawing and such. Besides that, if I may say so, my methods seem to be improving ever so slightly. I find that once I get started on a piece things just seem to flow a lot easier and I make less mistakes.

Anyways, enjoy it and please leave your comments and critiques. :)

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