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Moar Rika fan service.

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Posted by Xander

Lucas, get in here!

Well it took a week of waiting to get it coloured but it's finally over. With this piece I wanted to do something a little more original and try a few things out in the process. I got a couple of ideas and went to work. I was aiming for something a little more cutesy this time.

Yes I know it's the third piece of Rika related art I've done but what the hell, it's an original piece and I'm quite please with how it turned out. :D
I'm debating what to do for a background so it's all subject to change. As much as the yellow suits her (I have no idea why) I really want to try and do something different, but I'm limited by the software. I'll maybe need to look at layers again and try something out. So the white will suffice for now.

Anyhoo, blah de blah, blah bla blee bloo. Comments and critique are welcome as always. :)

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