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PSIV - AW 2274

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Posted by Lyla2284

Hmm, I seem to be in Overdrive mode today. ^^ One of the few traditional fan-art mediums that I have submitted so far. I won't be doing any digital work for a while, unless it's a request. I sort of missed doing the good 'ol pencil shading on paper method. Pure pencil shading with a 0.7mm mechanical pencil and a normal HB pencil. I don't use any special tools really. I just make do with what I have at home.

So this little scene takes place 10 years before the events of PS IV, and shortly after Alys' mentor Galf, has passed away, and Rune is just there to provide a little support... Little does Al know that the jerk is about to abandon her... >< On Galf's orders, of course. Al needs to grow up now.

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