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Posted by Atlinsmere

Hey everyone, I was bored so I started making Sigs/Avatars for a few people. Then I decided, why not make a shop? So here I am willing to make signatures and avatars for fellow Fringers. However there are a few rules to follow so pay attention. And yes, I am still working on my art requests. Just doing some research.

1. In order to request you must have a minimum of 50 posts unless I offer to make you one.

2. I'm only taking a maximum of 3 requests at a time for now, one per person. And yes, I will do sets. (Avatar and Sig that match)

3. No nudity will be tolerated in the requests, please follow the rules of the site when requesting.

4. When requesting use the following format. Please, put your info in where the brackets are.

[b]Type:[/b] (Sig, ava, or set)
[b]Username:[/b] (Yes or no. Do you want your username on the ava/sig?)
[b]Characters:[/b] (Whatever characters you want me to use, put 'em here, can be blank if you just want your name)
[b]Colours:[/b] (Whatever colours you wish, put 'em here!)
[b]Additional things:[/b] (Anything else; put it here, this includes special messages, symbols, pictures,etc.)

Request List

Examples of my signature/avatar making abilities are below.


Signature for Gryz. I offered to make this for him. It's also what made me decide to open up this shop so yay?


An older sig of mine. Nuff said.


Current avatar. Nuff said.


I offered to make this for Snorb. However he used this "Amytar" I said was up to him. [edit] I just realized I made this too big >.>

Installation instructions!
Underneath each image, there will be a code box like so:

Simply copy the link in the box, go to member control panel, edit your signature/avatar, and put that link in. For signature, don't forget to put them in img tags like so...

So yeah. Request away and what not. And keep note, I am willing to host all signatures I make. ^_^

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