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Baltimore Oriole

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Posted by Wolf Bird

My first bird drawing posted in the galleries! :D I tried putting this in the old topic, but that no longer had an image upload option. I'm not going to bother to repost my old ones for the galleries unless I get really bored, so those will probably stay in the old topic.

You guys are the first to see this one, you lucky folks you. I normally post these on my facebook profile first, but I'm not putting this one there until after Mother's Day. That's because this drawing is for my mom for Mother's Day (and I'm sending her the original drawing), and I don't want her to see it before then on my facebook. :shiftyeyes:

Nothing too notable about this drawing. Maybe except drawing the white on the wings was pretty difficult. Also, the shading is extremely subtle since it's straight black where there's significant texturing, but I think it came out well. Maybe I'll tinker with photo editing some more to bring out the shading some, but editing on this one is minimal.

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