Wedding of Nial and Alair

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Image of the Day - February 16, 2010

During Nial's journey to find the source of attacks on Landen, he rescued a young woman being held captive in an Orakian land not allied with his own. That chance meeting proved to be fortuitous for the young man. In this scene, we see the marriage of the two. Alair sought peace between the warring Layan and Orakian factions. Their marriage certainly brings that peace, placing an Orakian king on the throne of a Layan realm. One can only imagine the kind of political craziness that followed in the aftermath of that.

During the course of playing all the branches of Phantasy Star III, we get to see several wedding sequences. Most of them are nearly identical, but have subtle differences in the groom and bride. For this image, Nial and Alair are unique parts of the picture.

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