Wedding of Nial and Laya

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Image of the Day - February 14, 2010

Nial and Laya, shown in this wedding, are an odd match. Nial is a descendent of Orakio, raised in a culture that treated Layans as a subject of myth and legend. Laya, the sister of the woman those mythical Layans are named after, is a woman from a time when civilization flourished with knowledge long since lost. Even after a crash course in the new world she wakes in and meeting up with others from her own time, Laya must have had a hard time fitting in. Thankfully, her new husband, Nial, is there to help her as they become king and queen of Landen.

During the course of playing all the branches of Phantasy Star III, we get to see several wedding sequences. Most of them are nearly identical, but have subtle differences in the groom and bride. For this image, Nial and Laya are unique parts of the picture.

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