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Family Tree

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Image of the Day - July 28, 2010

On page 25 of Phantasy Star Collection, the Phantasy Star III section closes with a family tree detailing the relationships of Rhys and his descendents. Males are represented by the names in blue boxes, with Rhys on the far left. Females are presented as the red boxes, with Lena listed above Rhys and Maia below him. Marriage partners of almost all the main characters, even the unknown father of Sari and unknown mother of Kara, are included in the tree. Four main characters are excluded: Ryan, Wren, Mieu, and Lyle. Lyle's absence is strange, given both his cousin and daughter are listed.

On the facing page 26, the Phantasy Star IV section begins with the Japanese box art for that game.

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Phantasy Star Collection
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