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Image of the Day - April 27, 2009

Here we have a look at some of the villains from Phantasy Star IV. Zio starts things off, with both a color design and three sketches. The sketches highlight the one armored gauntlet the zealot wears, as well as why he wears it. Zio's right hand is hideously deformed, for reasons unknown. It could be due to his contact with Dark Force... but then why would he hide it, considering how worked up Zio was about carrying out Dark Force's will to destroy the world?

We also see a nice close up of Dark Force, as illustrated on the Japan box art for the game. Then there is the name... just imagine what would have happened if Sega had tried to market the series in the US with that name. Phantasy Star would have gone down in history with a very different reputation.

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Phantasy Star Collection (Saturn)
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