Crys' Quest Begins

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Image of the Day - January 29, 2010

Of the four possible heirs in the third generation of Phantasy Star III's heroic family, Crys is the oldest. His parents, Ayn and Sari, had a child earlier than any of the other possible pairings. For the twenty years following his birth, Landen was under constant attack from Lune's forces. Sari's ancestral home, Satera, was destroyed. Landen itself, however, withstood all these years of war. On the particular day shown here, a message from Ayn's Layan kin in Azura - perhaps from Rhys or Thea - warning of Siren's return has arrived. Crys is sent out to stop Siren's plan to fly the worldship into a nearby star.

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Phantasy Star III
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