Sega's earliest venture into republishing selections of hit games from the Genesis was the SEGA Smash Pack series. The series has seen several releases on several platforms. When moved to each new platform, the numbering and naming of the series was reverted to to simply "Sega Smash Pack" or number one. Thus, there is a Sega Smash Pack for Microsoft Windows and a Sega Smash Pack for Game Boy Advance released years later that share the exact same name, but contain completely different games.

The original Sega Smash Pack contained eight games, including Phantasy Star II. Shortly after the release, emulation enthusiasts discovered that this collection was actually composed of a special edition of KGen, a popular freeware Genesis emulator of the time, and specially edited ROMs. The game ROMs had been altered so that the ROMs would only operate with the included emulator. Likewise, the emulator was programmed to run only the altered ROMs. The same collection was rebranded and released in Japan to start the series Sega Archives from U.S.A., which brought English language games to that country.

The third title in the series is Sega Smash Pack, Vol. 1. In this release, twelve games were included. It was a mixture of parts of the original collection and other Sega hits. Once again, Phantasy Star II was included.

Release History

Release Title Date Region Rating System
SEGA Smash Pack February 1999 North America   Windows
SEGA Archives from U.S.A Vol. 1 June 2000 Japan   Windows
SEGA Smash Pack, Vol. 1 January 31, 2001 North America   Dreamcast
Sega Smash Pack Twin Pack March 13, 2002 North America E Windows