These are the people responsible for creating Sega Genesis Collection, as listed in the manual.

For individual game credits, see the Phantasy Star II Game Credits, Phantasy Star III Game Credits, and Phantasy Star IV Game Credits.

Digital Eclipse

Lead Programmer
Daniel Filner
Michael J. Boccieri
Associate Producer
Eric Eberhardt and W. Thomas Grové
Localization Producer
Yukiko Miyajima Grové
User Interface Artist
Edward Chin, Chad Pfarr, and Justin Richmond
Sound & Music Design
Yannis Brown
Classic Arcade Emulation
Vernon Brooks
YM2612 Emulation
Steve Snake
Z80 Emulation
George Phillips, Peter Phillips, and Jeff Vavasour
Lead Producer
David Sirlin
Senior Producer
Steven Kovensky
Technical Director
David R. Sullivan
Studio Head
Mike Mika
Special Thanks
Foundation 9 Entertainment; BBE Vancouver Studio; BBE Emeryville IT; Farracy Richmond, 3D41; Maria “Doombunny” Daquipa; Karen Murphy; Sarah Reynolds; “phear lotek”; Anne V. Tofte; April, Jamie, Yanna; The Miyajima Family; and All our Moms & Dads

Sega of America

Naoya Tsurumi
Simon Jeffery
VP of Product Development
Dave Cobb
VP of Sales
Sue Hughes-Taigen
Senior Producer
Jon Sell
Associate Producer
Ethan Einhorn and Stephen Frost
VP of Marketing
Scott Steinberg
Director of Marketing
Rick Naylor
Product Marketing Manager
Sarah Berridge
Public Relations Manager
Denny Chiu
Creative Services Manager
Jen Groeling
Production Specialist
Heather Lucchetti
Graphic Designer
Marco Garcia
Lee Frohman, Teresa Guest, Sam Carion, George Rabinovich, Peter Koenig, Hugh Do, Justin Honeggar, Marvin Hom, Ramon Thomas, Aaron Reif, Rick Imperial, Ben Seto, Don Patterson, Ryan Jones, and Dennis Constantino
Special Thanks
Bridget Oates, Mina Provonsha, and Jez Sherlock

Sega of Europe

Naoya Tsurumi
Mike Hayes
Development Director
Gary Dunn
Creative Director
Matt Woodley
Director of European Marketing
Gary Knight
Head of Development - Localization
Kuniyo Matsumoto
Assistant Producer
Ed Bushell
Head of Brand Marketing
Helen Camilleri
European PR
Lynn Daniel and Kerry Martyn
Senior Brand Manager
Mark Fisher
Assistant Brand Manager
Hiromi Ando
International Brand Manager
Ben Chalmers-Stevens
Creative Services
Tom Bingle, Alison Warfield, Morgan Gibbons, Akane Hiraoka, and Arnoud Tempelaere
Barnaby Gillett, Christopher Allwood, William Diviney, Kerry Hance, Imonena Unude, Thomas Morgan, Arjun Pandey, and David Moore


Manual Copy
Off Base Productions
Manual Design
Option-Shift Design

Fun Facts

Did you know these bits of trivia?

Digital Eclipse also developed Phantasy Star Collection for Game Boy Advance. Some of these staffers worked on that collection.

Digital Eclipse is a division of Foundation 9 Entertainment. Another division of Foundation 9, Backbone Entertainment, is the developer for Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection.

Steve Snake created KGen and Kega, two Sega Genesis emulators that were very popular in years gone by. He was hired by Sega to create a special version of KGen that was used in the original Sega Smash Pack.