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Game no Kanzume, subtitled and also known as Sega Games Can, is a two volume set and one of Sega's earliest multi-game collections. Collecting twenty games combined, these sets brought games from the Sega MegaDrive and Sega Meganet together. Some of these games were previously exclusive to Meganet, Sega of Japan's game download service.

Each volume includes, among other games, four of the eight Phantasy Star II Text Adventures. The only other Meganet Phantasy Star title was Phantasy Star Adventure, which was excluded from this collection after receiving a Game Gear release.

Included Games

Game no Kanzume, Vol. 1 includes these games:

Game no Kanzume, Vol. 2 includes these games:

Release History

Release Title Date Region System
Game no Kanzume Vol. 1 March 18, 1994 Japan MegaCD
Game no Kanzume Vol. 2 March 18, 1994 Japan MegaCD