These are the people responsible for creating Phantasy Star Collection for Game Boy Advance.

For individual game credits, see the Phantasy Star Game Credits, Phantasy Star II Game Credits, and Phantasy Star III Game Credits.

Digital Eclipse

John Kowalski, George Phillips, and Peter Phillips
Emulation Programmer
Jeff Vavasour
Lead Artist
Andy Chiu
Kierston Vande Kraats
Associate Producer
Brent Boylen
Sound Design and Production
Robert Baffy
Senior Producer
Trent Ward
Creative Director
Mike Mika
Art Director
Boyd Burggrabe
Production Manager
Chris Charla
Executive Producer
Andrew Ayre


VP of Product Development
Jack Sorensen
Executive Producer
Brian Christian
Derek C. Smith
Senior Tester
Lee Casady and Ko-Sheng Chen
Jorge Dagang, Joseph M. Garcia, Tim Shanks, and Jason Tani
QA Technician
Mario Waibel
QA Database Administrator
Jason Roberts
QA Manager
Monica Vallejo
Director of Quality Assurance
Jeremy S. Barnes
Special Thanks
Shinobu Toyoda, Kathy Schoback, and Judy Jette-Hansen


Rieko Kodama, Tohru Yoshida, and Yoshiaki Endo
Special Thanks
Original Phantasy Star teams and all Overworks staff

Fun Facts

Did you know these bits of trivia?

Digital Eclipse later developed Sega Genesis Collection for Game Boy Advance. Some of these staffers worked on that collection.

Jeff Vavasour stated reasons for the exclusion of Phantasy Star IV from this collection on his website.

Overworks is the team that developed Skies of Arcadia.