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 Post subject: What makes a Protector?
PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, '07, 11:10 pm 
We know from PSIV that the heroes of Algo are called "Protectors" and their spirits go to Esper Mansion and Elsydeon after they die. But, what do you think qualifies someone to become one of these protectors?

When Chaz sees the spirits or memories in PSIV, he sees all the heroes of PSI and PSII. These are the people that fought the great evils of their time and saved their worlds - except for two cases. One is Nei, who didn't know anything about Dark Force or fight Mother Brain. Another is Nero, Alis' brother, who took action before his sister, even if he didn't get as far. But Nei is there and Nero is not... why do you think that is? Why was Nero excluded?

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, '07, 2:03 am 
The Nero issue is an interesting question. Lassic must have killed many other people that resisted his efforts, just like Nero, so that leads me to reason that the criterion must not be dying in defense of one's cause, but that contradicts Nei. I say Sega messed up, because the only guideline I can see that isn't contradicted is that all the protectors were player characters. :wink:

I say Sega defaulted on this, and therefore we should come up with an objective rule of our own!

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, '07, 2:46 am 
i guess nero wasnt in the elsydeon thing cuz he was being created for the matrix =P i know its neo not nero im just being stupid lol... i dunno, maybe everyone had a cause and its not the sword really but the memory of algo inside the sword and it only remembers the major events such as alis and her group saving the universe, rolfs journey, and some other things, thats just my opinion, that its not the sword but algos spirit in the form of a weapon...

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, '07, 3:51 am 
I would have first thought it because these people .. all fought against the Dark Force.. didn't they?

Alys.. .. well she was killed by Nightmare.. who was.. .. well.. Dark Force in part..

And Nero.. was beaten to a pulp by Reipard..

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, '07, 5:20 am 
Hmmm.... I would have to agree with Kaloes for the most part. The sword could have been a blank sheet a paper which recorded every important event that happened in Algo. Thus the sword was created which soon became known as the Elysdeon.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, '07, 6:06 am 
That's an interesting take on it, Kaloes. I haven't heard that theory before... it's a good one.

Divine Dragon wrote: I would have first thought it because these people .. all fought against the Dark Force.. didn't they?

Nei didn't. :) Alys can get in on the Dark Force/Nightmare connection, but Nei never fought Dark Force or any of it's incarnations.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, '07, 6:47 am 
Drats.. forgot about Nei.. :p

XD And you even had it in your post.. *head-desk*

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, '07, 7:02 am 
Another theory! :stir:

:? Seems.. the only reason it'd be a memorable moment is because.. Nei's death only happens after Neifirst dies, and I mean Nei's proper death.. if you have a moon dew you can revive her in the battle against Neifirst when Rolf comes into it... anyway, yes, Neifirst caused a lot of havoc on Motavia.. Perhaps.. it could have gotten a lot more out of hand had Rolf and co not stopped her..

It's a stretch, but this could have been a possible danger for the Algol seal .. if Motavia was destroyed .. :?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, '07, 2:22 am 
You guys have come up with some good theories! I still say Sega messed up, but I'll toss one out that applies to the games. :lol:

Assuming Elsydeon was created after the PSII era, the first Lutz was Noah, (translation :roll:) and the sword was created by Espers, perhaps Lutz's memory and the Telepathy Ball come into play. Noah/Lutz only joined Alis after Nero's death, so he never met him, and therefore Nero isn't remembered as a protector of Algo. Of course, this requires Lutz to have met Nei, but we know from PSII that Lutz interfered in Rolf's past to save Rolf's life, so perhaps he always kept an eye on Rolf's life to make sure his chosen Protector survived, and was aware of Nei because of it? :o That's a bit of an elastic theory!

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, '07, 6:55 am 
I don't think Lutz knew about Nei. If he did why wouldn't he try and revive her at least?

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