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Zio - Pawn of Darkness

Zio - Pawn of Darkness

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 Post subject: Zio - Pawn of Darkness
PostPosted: Sun May 16, '10, 10:09 am 
My favourite villian, Zio the holy one... :lol:

PostPosted: Sun May 16, '10, 11:47 am 
Very nice colours, I love the contrasts of red.

PostPosted: Sun May 16, '10, 8:04 pm 
I really like the contrast of the background on this one also. The pattern is looks very organic, but also kind of like magma, both of which fit Zio perfectly. I can easily imagine his corrupted hand looking a lot like this.

PostPosted: Wed May 19, '10, 9:49 pm 
Absolutely luv that red background. It really makes the picture stand out.

PostPosted: Thu May 20, '10, 10:12 am 
Thank you. It took me a while to get the colours and the background just right, but there you go. :)
There's a myriad of things one can do with Paint Shop Pro 8.

PostPosted: Sat May 22, '10, 9:13 am 
Ooh, me likey! Love the colors/coloring and red background. Zio himself is very reminiscent of the official artwork, but I think I like that about this since it has a certain nostalgia about it's modernized or something, lol.

PostPosted: Sat May 22, '10, 10:43 am 
The artwork is based off the Compendium's, after all. It's the only real decent picture of a full-body shot of the Palman Chaos Priest/Dark Magician. Maybe I'll redo all of the official artwork one of these days.

One... of these days. It's not a certainty, since I dislike certain characters and refrain from drawing them at all costs. ;)

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