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PostPosted: Sun Aug 3, '14, 3:53 pm 
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Here is a list of games and prices for Sony's streaming game rental service. It seems to vary a lot depending on the game, and I think the 4 hour rental is really a dumb idea. I have zero plans to use the service, and I'm interested to see if the public adopts this rental model.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 3, '14, 8:54 pm 
Well, I am glad to see by reading the article that besides the 4 hour they also offer a 7 days, 30 days, and 90 days rentals, if I remember correctly. However, some of the prices on those expanded time periods are quite costly. 4 hours would not be enough for me at all, and if I have to pay more for longer periods of play time, then I would rather just buy a game to own it and then be able to play it whenever and wherever and for how long or how short a time period I wanted to. Some people may like their options though.

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