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 Post subject: Ys Origin LP
PostPosted: Thu Jun 5, '14, 1:45 am 
Ys was healed by two Goddesses and six Priests.
The Goddesses embody the spirit of our land and inspire our lives.

One represents Order, and the other Freedom.
If we were to lose them,
all of our struggles and achievements would come to naught,
and we would never again know peace.

We must not lose the Goddesses, regardless of the cost-
even unto eternity's shadow.

-Vol. 2 of the Books of Ys, The Book of Priest Tovah


Well, this one's for all the marbles.

This is probably the most ambitious undertaking I have ever done, as this is a full LP of Ys Origin, covering all three stories. I have covered more or less everything I could, and the videos are presented in the order in which they were recorded, and thus, intended to be watched. Some of these are long. Also, keep annotations on.

Yunica Tovah's Story.
Part 1: Heeeere's Yunie!
Part 2: Brawn vs. Brawn.
Part 3: Treading Water.
Part 4: He's Got Legs- Too Many of 'em.
Part 5: Take Notes- This Will Be on the Test.
Part 6: Get out of the Fire.
Part 7: Sandbagged
Part 8: Dem Bones Gotta Stop Walking Around.
Part 9: Dalles Was Always a Jerk
Part 10: Yunica's FIRE BLAST Was Super Effective!
Part 11: Double Beheader.
Part 12: Revengeance- Best Served on Fire.
Part 13: Yunica Tovah Overdrive.

Hugo Fact's Story
Part 1: A Wizard Did It.
Part 2: Our Bubble is Greater Than Their Bubbles.
Part 3: Girl Troubles.
Part 4: Centipedal Force.
Part 5: A Man For All Treasons.
Part 6: The Day That Music Died.
Part 7: There's SAND On My Boots!
Part 8: Hair-Trigger Wizard.
Part 9: Foot-in-Mouth Disease.
Part 10: 50 DKP MINUS
Part 11: Literal Self-Reflection.
Part 12: A House Cut In Half Usually Falls Over.
Part 13: Caster Fight!

Toal Fact's Story.
Part 1: He's The Best At What He Does.
Part 2: A Demon on Wheels.
Part 3: Hate-Colored Novice Fizzle.
Part 4: The Most Dangerous Rodeo.
Part 5: Forgive Me Father For I Have Skinned.
Part 6: Guilt Trip.
Part 7: Only (most of) The Truth.
Part 9: Epona x Hugo OTP.
Part 10: Confession Time.
Part 11: Wizards and Warriors.
Part 12: Brotherly Shove.
Ys Origin Finale: Termination. (Set to 720p when you play this vid in Youtube. Annotations are not optional.)

 Post subject: Re: Ys Origin LP
PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, '17, 2:50 pm 
Impressive work here ! Many congratulations to you, dear R-90-2 ! :) :clap:

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