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PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, '10, 4:12 am 
Ok for those who are new to Phantasy Star III or never heard of it, Gwyn is Adan's twin sister in the Adan storyline of the Third Generation of the game. With that said I can begin my rant.

During the coarse of Adan and Gwyn's travels through the Alisa III they come into contact with quite alot of things from their parents and grandparents. And they are the only ones who truly have ties to the Orakio/Laya war from the past. Aron coming from Lunes side of the family, where Adan and Gwyn come straight from the two sides, Orakio's descendants of Rhys and Nial, and from Laya's own sister.

During the story when the Nei weapons are aquired, Adan gets Orakio's Sword, and Gwyn has Laya's Bow. Two weapons that fought against Dark Force and ones that would have the most power against it, seeing as the sword was the item that sealed Dark Force, and the arrow was the one that pinned Dark Forces energy so the sword could seal it.

In the end Adan, Gwyn and the group successfully defeat Dark Force and they most likely go on to live happy lives for the remainder of their days. Now think about this.. If Adan was to happen to fall in the battle with Dark Force, the wielder of the sword, the weapon that sealed him would no longer have any power in the defeat of Dark Force.. But since Gwyn is Adan's twin, who comes from the same blood as Orakio and Laya, she would be able to take up the sword, and release its holy properties as well.

For my conclusion, I believe Gwyn is Adans strength, as he is her courage. They're both of the same blood, which makes them have the same destiny. They were both destined to save the Alisa III, both destined for great things, long before their birth, and most likely long after they are gone.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, '10, 12:36 pm 
I think you're right, Kaloes, and I think Gwyn probably could wield the magic sword. I'd never thought about it before, but it makes sense.

I like the Adan/Gwyn storyline (except the ending's not really all that great, unfortunately) because it was more interesting than all the other marriage outcomes of the game. Even though Adan leads the group and equips Orakio's sword, I also like to think of Adan and Gwyn as equals (not so much HP/TP levels, but of equal leadership duty).

This gives me an idea for a PSIII related thread. I'll post it later.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, '10, 7:23 pm 
I think this part of the story would have been more interesting without Adan. I know they "needed" a guy to fill the generic sword-hero role, but this was a prime opportunity for some role reversal. Gwyn as the main character, using the sword, with a random background guy (like Ryan) for the archer would have been a nice deviation from the cookie cutter format of the generations.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, '10, 7:39 pm 
I just love the Adan/Gwyn story so much. It makes me want to recreate just that generation through RPGmaker, just to give more insight on my favorite characters.. As well as give them a better ending then the one that you get on all four generations.. Actually, I may do something like that, but instead of a playable game, it might be somewhat of a short video you can watch via rpgmaker.. I must make some notes if I decide to take up this project later on.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, '10, 9:54 pm 
I am so glad that someone else (i.e., another Phan) feels this way concerning the Adan and Gwyn route for Phantasy Star III. It was always my favorite route, not only because they're Nial's offspring (Nial fan here), but because Gwyn is a particularly fascinating character; she is no damsel in distress, but is a princess who can heal, and fight.

Yes, we encounter other females in the game who are similar (the two Karas, for instance, and Thea). But Gwyn is unique because she shares that main-character status with Adan. I also agree with you, Kaloes, that, if needed, Gwyn would most certainly pick up the magic sword, and like Thoul says, this would have made things all the more interesting. Too bad this wasn't so, as it would have added a dash of "epicness" to the game, but due to the game's memory and recycling of images (such as the male megido silhouette) this is probably why.

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