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PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, '10, 6:21 pm 
My first experience with Sega was probably within the first three years of my life. We had a MegaDrive back then (which we still own, but I replaced the RF cable with an AV one, because the RF one had a bad picture) and I think the first game I ever played was Sonic, directly followed by Revenge of Shinobi, which quite quickly gave me the creeps and I began screaming at the top of my lungs whenever I even saw so much as somebody playing the game (Zeed's laugh = O_O;;). I long got over that fear, though, and have been playing the sheet outta this game ever since.

We also have a 3 in 1 cart collection "Mega Games I", which contained Super Hang-On (one of my favourites), World Cup Italia '90 (the only game I'm not playing, because it's real bad and way too long), and Columns (also one of my favourites). I'm intending to convince my father to expand our collection...

The 'Drive has seen better days, though. I have to blow on the cartridges whenever I want to play a different game, rarely the game freezes, and the carts get pretty warm over extended play. My father said it's always been like that, though, so I guess it didn't break much over the years of not playing. Might wanna undust and clean it up someday...

PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, '10, 5:58 pm 
My first Sega experience was my brother getting a Master System and our first game (besides those included in the machine) being After Burner.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 22, '10, 4:06 am 
Back in summer camp the counselors let us play Sonic 2, of course it had to be 2-player though, so everyone could play, but good times anyhow. They also let us play Sonic Spinball every now and then. Then my uncle gave me his Genesis and I quickly got hooked on Sonic 1 and 2. I was rather good at Sonic 2 but I could never beat the Labrynth boss in Sonic 1, I REALLY hated that boss and it always got me so angry >.<

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 1, '10, 5:26 pm 
My older brother had a Master System so I've been playing that for as far back as I can remember. My earliest memories are one massive mix of all the games we had like R-Type, Rastan, Golvellius, Wonderboy 3, and of course Phantasy Star.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 1, '10, 5:37 pm 
Probably I have seen Master System before in someone else's home, but my parents bought me one when I was 7. It was a Friday in 1991, if I remember well. I remember playing Alex Kidd in Miracle World and California Games in that afternoon. The next day, my dad appeared with Wanted, a game which used the Light Phaser pistol and he fooled me and my brother because he had already bought the pistol and hidden it, but he let us discover we couldn't play it. Later the same day, after dinner, we were surprised by him playing Blade Eagle 3D, with the 3D glasses (which were stunning and still are). Later we started renting games and me and my brother came across Phantasy Star. After that, my experience as a game player changed entirely.

Oh, good times... I think I'm becoming old :p

PostPosted: Mon Nov 1, '10, 6:44 pm 
My first sega memory is playing master system at my babysitter's house. Her and her bf had the 3d glasses and zapper with ghostbusters and some other games. I was ok but I didn't really get hooked until the first time I played genesis. I had seen it in toys r us, and my stepbrother eventually got one but never let me play it. He eventually went to boot camp so I snuck into his room one day and played altered beast and Phantasy Star III all day. Those were the only two games he had. I

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