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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, '14, 1:47 am 
Wolf Bird wrote:How could I have forgotten Shadow of the Colossus for this long in a music thread? For shame! (on me)

Oh, that's right! I never really played, but my two best friends were obsessed with that game for a while. I watched them play a couple times (tried it once, decided I liked watching people who knew what they were doing better) and I remember thinking the music was really great in that game.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, '14, 3:13 am 
Nobody liking the game but me aside, I am not much into game music, FM-chip quality, but this tune really caught my attention that I couldn't start the game without listening to the whole intro music.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, '14, 12:26 pm 
tilinelson2 wrote:Nobody liking the game but me aside, I am not much into game music, FM-chip quality, but this tune really caught my attention that I couldn't start the game without listening to the whole intro music.

EXCELLENT music ! I've never heard about it before and that is indeed a great song ! I'll take a look at this game, Time and eternity (first time heard about it ! ).

PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, '14, 12:46 am 
I've never heard of Time and Eternity either, but that is an excellent piece of music right there.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 27, '14, 2:09 am 
Have to share more of The Last of Us. After beating the game last weekend, one of the pieces on the OST that I used to kind of 'eh' at suddenly turned about 1 million times for awesome. It is another take on the 'All Gone' theme, which you hear a LOT, but this particular version of it plays during the climax of the game. The reason finishing the game made this theme so much better is because not only is it just good (IMO), but it conveys the sadness of the entire situation, but also the incredible moral weight of the decision being made at the end. Read the spoiler at your own risk.

When you reach the hospital/lab run by the Fireflies, you discover that in order to engineer a vaccine for the Cordyceps from Ellie, her brain must be removed, killing her. It is implied that Ellie has not been told the operation will kill her, so her consent has probably not been granted. A lot of games might give the player the choice of what to do, but Naughty Dog doesn't give you a choice, which I think makes this ending so, so, SO much better and powerful in what it makes you think. If you want to finish the game, you MUST make your way through the Firefly hospital, kill the surgeons about to do the operation and rescue Ellie. But in doing this, you deny humanity its last chance to defend itself from the fungus. This piece starts playing after you take Ellie off the operating table and it plays as you make your way out of the hospital, carrying her in your arms. It conveys the gravity of the moral decision being made, and how much moral grey area there is in the scenario. Given the prologue, with Joel's daughter dying in his arms after being shot by soldiers under orders to contain the Cordyceps outbreak at any costs, you can understand why he's rescuing Ellie - their journey has caused them to bond, she's become a surrogate daughter to him, and he can't bear to lose another daughter. Plus, her consent to be killed for this was probably not granted, and she's a young girl, so the Fireflies don't have all the moral high ground. On the other hand, Joel's decision basically doomed humanity to the fate of this fungus, by rescuing Ellie and killing the last people left with any kind of medical expertise who might be able to come up with some way to combat the fungus.

I'll put it this way. I'm still not sure what I think about it, or what I would do were I in Joel's place.

Edit: And now listening to it in my iTunes library, I can't help but tear up a little bit as I think about what all is going on in association with this music, moral gravity of it and all. That, THAT, is what a good soundtrack should do...

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 8, '14, 5:18 am 
I've got to show Castlevania some love. Here's my favorite track from Symphony of the Night.

Next up is Mega Man X: Command Mission. Half of the soundtrack in this game is kind of meh, but I really enjoy listening to the other half, like X's main theme, for instance. I'm not entirely sure what I like about it; it could be the whole upbeatness of the track, or maybe its just my weird taste in music. Then again, I don't think there's been a Mega Man game with a terrible soundtrack so far. :D

Here's something from one of the worst video games of all time: Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. Say what you will about the game (which happens to be a guilty pleasure of mine despite its many flaws), but one of the few things that is done consistently well is the music. This is from the second half of one of the stages, Flame Core.

For now, last, but definitely not least is something that comes from our very own Phantasy Star IV.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 9, '14, 2:49 am 
Love this thread! My pics:

PostPosted: Wed Jul 9, '14, 12:39 pm 
I love that Gauntlet theme, I've gotta check that game out, I love the original Gauntlet and Gauntlet Legends.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 9, '14, 9:20 pm 
There was a Gauntlet Legends cabinet at a restaurant that I used to go to with my family a few years ago. I remember how my brother and I played it together all the time; he was the Red (or maybe Green) Warrior and I was the Blue Wizard. We ended up getting to the final boss (thanks to the passwords that saved your progress), but we could never beat him. Great times, though :)

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, '14, 12:36 am 
I have great memories of the Gauntlet Legends arcade, my friends and I played it once at a Celebration Station for a church function or something, it was awesome. BLUE WARRIOR IS ABOUT TO DIE!

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