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PostPosted: Sun Jan 5, '14, 7:42 pm 
Thank you so much, myau, I'm really glad you liked them, especially Dark World! You are so right, FF VI has one of the best soundtracks ever. Are there any other tracks you like from that game? There are a lot of other songs I'd like to cover from the game.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 5, '14, 8:00 pm 
Thanks Bragatyr ! Yes, one of the best soundtrack ever but I'm always in love with FFIV :)
Other songs from the game ? There are so many that are wonderful but the first that comes to my mind is from FFIV : it's the theme of Love ! But in FFIV it would be Edgar and Mash :) (hard to choose !)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, '14, 11:48 pm 

Haven't posted one of these in a while, first song I've done for a long time with bass and drums, so I figured I'd share it. I always loved this song from Breath of Fire 2, has that kind of Magma, sneaking around, evil jazzy feel.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, '14, 10:35 am 
As you already know, I'm far to be a jazz fan at all...and no exception here! But the technic is good and the music is surely too ! But not for me alas...!
But keep up the good work and do songs you love :)

PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, '14, 1:09 am 
Thanks very much for checking it out, myau, and hey, I feel pretty much the same way, I don't listen to a lot of jazz, but I love this song (and a few other select jazz artists). The bass was really fun to play, too. But hey, I can't remember, have you played Breath of Fire 2?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, '14, 12:23 pm 
You're ight, this song is great ! I've listened to the original track and it's great ! As is yours :)
breath of Fire 2 ? Like the first one, I've just tested it ! And I wasn't very captivated so abandoned it... shame on me ! :(

PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, '14, 5:21 am 

myau, I had to post this one because I know you like Beyond Oasis, and it has such awesome music I had to cover it!

PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, '14, 12:20 pm 
Excellent ! Great dark piano like track from the famous Oasis ! Great you have liked this game and the musics :)
Great composition here ! :clap:

PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, '14, 4:15 am 

Just had to share this one, the Ghostly Galaxy theme from Super Mario Galaxy, it took me forever to work up to playing it and I really enjoyed it. A little more intricate than the stuff I usually do, I'm slowly trying to work up to stuff like this. I don't see it covered very often, either, which is a shame, it's a great song. Also, a little late on this, but thanks for checking out the Beyond Oasis cover, myau, I need to get around to playing Legend of Oasis soon! I just got a replacement battery for my Saturn, I'm so stoked.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, '16, 12:50 pm 
Ah ! A post I've missed ! The original music is great, but your cover is also ! I've listened to it just before and it's a great one ! :)
Hope you've found time to play Oasis again !

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