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PostPosted: Mon Nov 11, '19, 5:29 pm

For those who live near the shores of the Great Lakes we know of the giant lake freighters that transport goods and services. The lakes themselves are a site to behold filled with wonder and beauty. However they are also known for keeping her secrets and not often one to tell them to the mortal person. More so when the storms are raging in her icy waters.

Growing up the stories are told of one of those freighters. A ship called the SS Edmund Fitzgerald. She was transporting iron ore from Wisconsin to some place near Detroit, MI. She got caught up in a major storm on Nov 10th 1975 and sank near Whitefish Point on Lake Superior. Us Michiganders know the story better than we know ourselves. For every year we hear about this tragic tale. Twenty-nine men lost their lives that day. Even now 44 years later. We only have speculation as to why the ship went down. The theories themselves have become a legend on their own and fuel for the creativity of song writers.

Folk singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot released a song about a year after the sinking and it is a good listen if you can fine it on youtube. Earlier this year the band called Headstones released a cover version which is also pretty good.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 12, '19, 8:31 am 
Very interesting post Rylen. I remember hearing about this and probably have heard the song at some time or other also. So sad that all those lives were lost.

The link you shared above has a lot of interesting information about the ship and the people onboard and also about the findings of the ship after it had sunk, etc.

PostPosted: Sun May 7, '23, 6:58 pm 
Just happened to see this post again and remembered that Gordon Lightfoot just recently passed away!

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