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PostPosted: Sun Apr 4, '10, 1:12 am
Chapter II - Meet the Gravity Children

"So who do we defeat first?" Kidd said as he looked around, "Maybe The Blue squares, The Western Kin, The Black Magicians, Autumn Springs? No, no, if anything I think we should start big, let's go after The Seven Kings!" Kidd said as he his eyes went wide with anticipation. Everyone just stared at him like he was a freak. He couldn't help it that he was odd. His white hair which he always kept in a ponytail was weird, but his yellow eyes were even weirder but yet suited him.

Boss gave out a small laugh, "All in due time Kidd. If we're going to do this, we gotta do it right. We need to start out small, but not too small. Therefore, we are left with two options."

"The Blue Squares, and the Eastern Spirals right Boss?" Luke spoke out. He put his hand through his golden blonde hair, brushing it from his green eyes. He pulled out a red head band, tying it so his hair would stay away from his face. He smiled at his little brother Rudy. His short blonde hair was dirty yet clean, and his green eyes always bright. Luke smiuled at his little brother.

"That is correct Luke. The Spirals have more numbers, but the Blue Squares have more power. It's just a matter of who we will take out first," Boss said as he fixed his spiky cyan hair, looking into the mirror with his deep blue eyes.

"I say we take both out at the same time," Zero spoke out. It was odd for Zero to speak up, he barely talked to anyone. Jet black, messy haired Zero was always the mysterious one of the group, he was also the newest member of the group besides his sister Neko who was two years younger than he was.

"How do you propose we do that?" Boss asked. "It's rather simple Boss. All we got to do is make them fight each other!" Neko spoke up cheerfully as she spun in a circle. Rudy looked in awe as she winked at him, causing him to blush. Despite being the sister of Zero, you could never tell by placing them next to each other. Afterall, she had pink hair, and blue eyes where Zero had black hair and brown eyes. She was always cheery where as Zero never seemed to be.

"Tha's a good idea. Dunno how we's gonna pull it off though," Ratt said as he scratched his greasy, dirty red hair. His brown eyes looking at Neko's chest. "PERVERT!" Neko yelled at Ratt, who was grinning. "Dun be like that Neko! Besides, Rudy was alsa starin at yer *."

Neko walked over to Rudy, "Is this true Rudy?" Rudy looked down at the ground and nodded guiltily. Neko hugged him, "You're so cute!"

"Hey! Tha's no fair Neko! Where's ma hug?" Ratt said. Neko stood up and walked over to Ratt, "Sorry Ratt, didn't mean to hurt your feelings," she said playfully before smacking Ratt hard enough to loosen a tooth.

Boss rolled his eyes, "Pay attention. We need to come up with a plan to get the two group to fight each other. Any ideas?"

"I got an idea, mind you it is rather risky," Luke said standing up, walking over to the window. "All we have to do is capture the Princess." Boss laughed, "Now there's an idea. We just have to capture the Princess huh? Well then, let's do it."
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