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"What's a-matter Rudy? Thoughts I didn't know who's you was? Me and the guys knews where you was all the time. Hiding behind that Eight-Man Stroke this entire time," a man with greasy hair said as he came into the alley.

"Take back what you said Rat. Otherwise I'll make you eat your words," an angered Chaz declared. Rat just laughed as the others joined in. The moment was tense. Five guys, one way out. No wait, there was sixth man who appeared from the shadows, scarred up and tall, dragging a bloodied axe across the ground. "Luke?" Chaz called out as his body began to shake.

"It's been awhile brother," The man declared, "You left me to die, I've just come to return the favor"

Chapter I - Once Upon a Brawl

"Zero, Ratt, take the left. Kidd, Neko, take the right, Ashleigh brothers, you're with me in direct fire!" A tall boy with cyan spiked hair yelled to his six comrades. "Got it Boss!" The group replied, almost in unison with each other. The three teams divided up, each heading in their respected areas.

"Prepare yourself Ashleigh brothers, for today there will be blood. And it won't be ours either," Boss grinned as he clenched a fist. Rudy, a small blond haired boy gulped. He looked towards his big brother Luke for reassurance. Luke smiled, "Don't worry Rudy, I won't let anything happen to ya. But I will be counting on you to watch my back." Rudy could only nod. "Let's go then," Boss declared as he ran straight into battle, the Ashleigh brothers could only follow, there fists at the ready as well.


"Why do we fight?" A curious beaten up Rudy asked his older brother. "We fight to survive," Luke replied, swabbing an open wound on his younger brother with a wad of cotton. Rudy winced at the pain. "Now come on Rudy, I barely touched you. Don't make me call you Rudy Ashley now okay?"

"Don't be mean to you're brother Luke!" called the girl known as Neko. "I'm not being mean," Luke said in a not-too-innocent voice, "I'm just cleaning up a mess!" Neko rolled her Ocean blue eyes at Luke. "If you're going to clean him up. Do it right! Come here Rudy," She declared as she grabbed the eleven year old's arm, pulling him close to her. She put her hand where Rudy's cut was and closed her eyes. Rudy stared at the girls soft lips, as the sun shined on her glossed lips. "Res!" Neko said as Rudy blushed as he felt a comforting warmth envelope his body. Neko opened her eyes and winked, "See! All better!" Rudy could only nod.

"Pfft. I could do that too Neko. I just choose not to waste my energy on such useless techniques!" Luke said as he began to tend to his own wounds. Neko walked over to the fourteen year old boy, "You know, you really should just let me-"

"Sorry, it's not going to happen. I don't trust in such useless techniques," Luke said as iced his hand. "Fine then, be that way! I'll just go see if one of the others need my 'useless' techniques," Neko said as she stormed off, "Sounds good to me. Hmph!" Luke chuckled as she walked away. He looked at his little brother, "Woman." Rudy gave his brother a look of confusion.

"All right men!" Boss shouted as he entered the room, Neko coughed. "And Neko," Boss said as he rolled his eyes, Neko smiling, proud of her accomplishment. "We won our first battle today. You should be proud of yourselves, we got our hideout back. With this it got me thinking." Everyone looked at their boss, a few of the people with a worried look on their face. Nothing ever came good when Boss got to thinking. "Don't go looking at me like that. I'm just saying that while we got our hideout back, it isn't nearly enough." Kidd, an energetic white haired boy spoke up, "What do you mean Boss?"

Boss just laughed, Isn't it obvious? We're going to conquer this town and make them come to recognize our worth, respect us. If that doesn't work then we're going to make them fear us. It's about time Tiria stopped being such a damn boring town to live in."

A greasy haired boy raised his hand. "What is it Ratt?" Boss asked. "If we're gonna take this town Boss, Shouldn't we have one of them names fer our group. Y'know, so people know who we's are?"

"Then let us be known as the Gravity Children," Boss declared, "Cause we're gonna bring this town down."

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