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 Post subject: Would Zio return?
PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, '07, 2:38 am 
I always thought there were a lot of parallels between Zio and Lashiec. Both worshipped Dark Force and both sought immortality in exchange for working to destroy Algo. But, Lashiec was revived after his death and Zio wasn't. Do you think that, if the Profound Darkness had survived and another Dark Force appeared 1,000 years later, Zio would have returned as a zombie like Lashiec? If so, how would he go about fulfilling his goals?

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, '07, 5:54 am 
We would have every villan headcourters in the world, from Air Castle, to Zio's fort. XDDDD

I don't think Zio was tough enough to come back.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, '07, 8:30 pm 
Zio might have been revived later. If he was, I think he'd use the church in Kadary as his headquarters. The fort was destroyed and I believe Wren and Demi would take measure to secure Nurvus against another take over like that.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, '07, 12:47 am 
Zio would be felled by a fifth generation of heroes. I'm not sure where he would reside seeing as how his fort was destroyed. I suppose he would go back to nurvous?

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, '08, 4:41 pm 

Yes, I also agree Zio's is a motabian version of Lashiec.
PS1- Lashiec was responsable for nero's death (alis older adoptive brother) and Alis kills lashiec for revenge
PS4- Zio was responsable for alys' death (chaz older adoptive sister) and Chaz kills zio for revenge (Zio Fortress to Nurvus part resumes PS1 feeling)

Let's compare their sentences before dying:

La-Shiec: «What?! Could it be that I die? What a disgrace. I shall live again!» (PS1, English retranslation)
Zio: «This...this can't be I’m supposed to be immortal! Oh, why... Why do you abandon me? Dark Fo...Aaaargh!» (PS4, English)
La-Shiec: «I'm melting! Once again, my body is dissolving! But, even now, I will not die! I will reincarnate over and over again. I must work for Him! As long as He exists, I will continue to bring calamity to the future of Algo!» (PS4, English)

It seems that "Nightmare" ("Sacubbus" in US) made the exactly same promise to Zio he (same/other "Nightmare") has done to Lashiec*. As we can see Lashiec seemed to knew that he could "die" BUT would "live again”, because he knew he was immortal... but for what price?

«You too will become tortured souls who can never leave my castle!» By being "immortal" (zombie/tortured soul now) he was cursed to be inside his own castle forever. Zio, in the other hand seemed at a first glance to have been "betrayed" by "Nightmare"**, or at least he didn't know very well those "immortal" conditions. Maybe, like lashiec, is immortalization could let him "die" and when the next DF reappeared he was meant to be "revived" again by him (that would make him immortal like Lashiec).

There's another thing. Palma was already destroyed when we met Air Castle (PS4) so Air Castle seems a little independent of Palma (its "immortal" as opposite to Palma), I don't remember if the air castle was destroyed after PS1 (and then reappeared again) or was still intact/abandoned, but I remember Zio's fortress was completely destroyed [they didn't have to run because they were underground, inside of nervus] and (in PS4) La-Shiec's castle was also crumbled BUT even after that he said he would return.

I think La-Shiec and his castle are connected (if one disappears the other disappears as well) but both could "die" and "live" again. The same could happen to Zio and his fortress since, like lashiec's castle, it disappeared after his dead.[/face]

** - He must have abandoned Lashiec too when he died (if you didn't "kill" him when he appeared at the gov. mansion)
* - Wait! So there are two DF in PS1!?

Nightmare and Pro Phallus were supposed to be the same DF in PS1 - their heads were the same... so it was like a solo DF was trying to warn them to "turn back"... but with the new design (see DF in vision of Elsydeon) PS team made clear they (at least now) are meant to be different (and even if they still are meant to be the same, where is zio's prophallus hiding?)

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, '08, 5:35 pm 
newsblade, you're very thorough in your research. You deserve a cookie! :D

newsblade wrote:* - Wait! So there are two DF in PS1!?

Nightmare and Pro Phallus were supposed to be the same DF in PS1 - their heads were the same... so it was like a solo DF was trying to warn them to "turn back"... but with the new design (see DF in vision of Elsydeon) PS team made clear they (at least now) are meant to be different (and even if they still are meant to be the same, where is zio's prophallus hiding?)
Now that you mention it... That's a very good comparison between PSI and PSIV. I never looked at the Nightmare/Darkforce relationship quite like that with Zio before. It'd be kinda funny if Zio's Dark Force was really Seth, since that Dark Force is located on Motavia, though we do not know how long he's been there.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, '08, 6:12 pm 
So, if Zio's fort were to return with Zio, do you think it would appear above Nurvus again? Would there be anything Wren or Demi could do to ensure Zio wouldn't be able to control Nurvus again?

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, '08, 7:03 pm 
[face=Verdana]That's a good question... yeah they could destroy it (before let it damage motabia)* like SEED have done to itself (just kidding, I have to think about it but my guess is hardly he would do the exactly same thing)…

but let me make another question: "why the hell is a piece of land floating in Palma in PS1? Was already part of Palma or, if not, who created that? DF?"

If it was DF he could do that again... well PD already made a big hole in the ground (where did he placed that missing piece of land?). Anyway PD original plan was the destruction of motabia and (in the next 1000 years) he would have: one "air castle" and one "air fortress" replacing those 2 seals. At the end he wasn't able to do that so with motabia in "good shape" DF would "resurrect" zio's fortress into an "air" fortress that could be (or floating/moving on air) above (much above this time) nurvus or other places (like daughter or many other systems that exists on motabia and we still don't know). [just a funny possibility]

Quote:Would there be anything Wren or Demi could do

If I know Wren and Demi well, they will just shut themselves down one or two days before zio appears again «I will go to Zelan to assist my master Wren. Good-bye, Chaz. Eventually, the time will come when both my master and I will become unnecessary to Algo. But, until that time, I will work to complete my duties.» and some hero must turn them on again...

Well I didn't say this in the previous post but when Lashiec said he would return he didn't imagined PD would be destroyed, so maybe with PD destroyed this puppets won't appear again. I know there are still Dark Forces out there, but they may be remains of previews millennia, and don't know if they are able to "wakeup" zio/lashiec.

On the other hand... is truly possible to destroy PD? GL couldn't and maybe he knew it was impossible so he locked it. Just like nei and ne1st they once were the same being but couldn't destroy each other - that would mean their on dead (I know there's a tread questing that fact)....... but if GL couldn't how did those protectors do that?

* - Maybe that wouldn't do any harm to motabia at all (we know Zio didn't destroy it because he needed that to cause harm to the planet). So when Wren and Demi aren't needed anymore maybe those systems could be shut down/destroyed as well to let motabia be autonomous by itself.

Quote:You deserve a cookie!

While eating the cookies I realized that zio could also be an antichrist icon:

- he is the channel between people (ex: kadary) and his “father” (dark force)
- he created a religion which even after dying some (or at least one people/person) are still following him
- people pray to Zio and he (Zio) do the will of his "father" (DF)
- he have done miracles (he didn’t turned stones into bread [one of the temptations] but he turned people's body (symbol of bread) into stone)
- (maybe) he will resurrect [based on lashiec’s fate]
- before dying he also ask DF "why do you abandon me"

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