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PostPosted: Sat Sep 8, '07, 6:31 am 
Think about this: you're living on a world that is facing imminent destruction. Your government has located a new, uninhabited planet and is planning to migrate your people to it. They're planning to send people there in a series of ships, with each ship arriving around seven years after the previous ship.

Which ship would you go to the new planet on? Would you be a real pioneer on the first ship, raising the first building on the untamed world? Does the prospect of tagging along with the second group sound more up your alley? Or maybe you'd rather go with a later ship?

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 9, '07, 2:30 am 
Ah, a question I can answer in this section! I'd be on the first ship out, simply for the first voyage of discovery, and I think it would be a great challenge to start up life on a new world.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 9, '07, 9:12 pm 
I think I would, too. The thrill of discovery and exploration of a new world is something that I just don't think I could pass up.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, '07, 9:01 pm 
This is a very interesting and thought provoking question. :hmm:

Well, I guess I would probably be the hold-out of the group, and not even want to go in the first place. I had rather stay home than travel. :p

However, if there is imminent destruction, then if I don't go - I'm destructed :misspeak: , so make room on board for me. :yes:

I think I had rather go on the second ship as maybe by then if the first ship had encountered any problems, they might be fixed or atleast become better under control, etc., during those seven years between flights.

Although, once again, what if the destruction happens sometime between those flights of seven years, and for some reason there may not be another flight, etc., then I would rather be safe on the other planet. I think it did say above that destruction was "imminent". :roll:

Oh goodness, I hate making decisions like this. Just book me a seat on the first flight. Whatever will be, will be! :up:

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