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PostPosted: Wed Oct 7, '09, 10:41 pm 
The popular magazine Business Week has released their list of 2009's "World Best Companies." Nintendo topped the list at #1, being cited for their innovations and the growth they have brought to the company. No other gaming companies (unless you count Apple) made the list of 40.

What do you think? Has Nintendo done well enough this year to beat out even Google, the #2 on the list? Should Sony or Microsoft have been included?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 7, '09, 10:52 pm 
Nintendo and Apple are two of my favorite companies, and I'm glad to see they both made the list. Nintendo definitely deserves it, look how much the Wii has helped them. I do think they need to expand the Wii's base beyond casual gamers, but I still find it awesome that you can find Wiis in nursing homes. There's even one in the therapeutic recreation division where my dad works. As for Apple...well, it seems they really lead in the hand-held devices market and their computers look to be gaining appeal. I see Macs everywhere when I'm on campus and I've had no trouble (other than compatibility issues once I upgraded to Snow Leopard) with my computer that I couldn't fix with a simple restart or something even easier when I switched to Mac.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 8, '09, 7:33 am 
Nintendo clearly deserves a number one. With all the ideas and games that company produces each month it’s no wonder it KO’ed Microsoft, Sony and other entertainment compies. Good Job Nintendo! :up:

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