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PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, '08, 4:33 am 
We now have a new page dedicated to the book The World of Phantasy Star. It includes 22 new scans of rare artwork. This page is part of the new Publications feature, which covers books and magazines that have looked at Phantasy Star.

The scans from The World of Phantasy Star mainly cover artwork that is not commonly found in other books. There is a lot of additional art in this book beyond what I have scanned, but most of it can be found in the Phantasy Star Compendium book or other sources, so I skipped that. I may add some additional scans in the future, particularly of the Lutz based version of Phantasy Star II.

Also, the Links page has been updated. Several new links have been added for the Virtual Console versions of the games.

The Copyright Details page has also be reworked. It's now titled Legal Disclaimers and has a bit more detailed legalese.

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