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PostPosted: Sun Jun 5, '11, 12:18 am 
Kaloes here, and doing somewhat of a challenge but also a little generous donation to the Phantasy Star community. In my free time I am going to try and make somewhat complete saves for Phantasy Star III on the Ultimate Collection for the Playstation 3. How am I going to do this you might ask? Well very slowly is my answer, I am only gonna play the game in my downtime and whenever I have a small amount of free time. What I am going to do is max out every character's levels in their respective generation, disregarding Mieu and Wren which they will obtain their max level near the end of Generation 2 or Generation 3.

Included with the saves is going to be the strongest gear of the generations, yes that means Cille equip grinding will be done for Rhys and his team. All saves will be set outside the final dungeon of the generation, that means I will not make the save directly in front of the boss, as I want you to traverse the dungeon yourself and use what I've given you.

This is mainly for fun, I'll try and update as much as I can but I can't make any promises. Just know this project is in the works and will most likely be done sometime by the end of the year. This will probably take awhile, considering Lyle's exp growth is higher then both Rhys and Lena's. I may end up having to solo him at higher levels just to get him to max level faster. I'm still pretty low levelled but I'll try and keep everyone informed.


Wish me luck everyone ^_^|"

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 6, '11, 9:21 pm 
I wish you a lot of luck. It's going to take a long time and a lot of patience to max out all of the levels like that. I wouldn't be able to do it myself.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 7, '11, 2:18 am 
Thoul wrote:I wish you a lot of luck. It's going to take a long time and a lot of patience to max out all of the levels like that. I wouldn't be able to do it myself.

Yea my patience for games is slim lately but since I love PSIII I just had to do it, plus I want to contribute to the PS community with something that isn't from a Genesis Emulator and Rom, wanna do this legit.

A good thing is Rhys Lena and Lyle all cap at 41, so getting 20 more levels with Rhys and Lena won't be a problem, just grinding Lyle will be a problem, he's only 6 right now. I'll probably end up duoing him and Mieu to get him max level and just leave Wren behind for the first generation.

I almost got the Planar Sword, 40,000 meseta left to get. Then I'll need to save up for my Force Emel for Lena, and then grab Rhys a pair of Royal boots and I'll be set on the gear for the Generation.

Training in the Weather Station in Aridia, some may argue that grinding outside of Cille, or even underneath the Cille dungeon would be better but I disagree. At both of these locations I'm barely making 1k a hour, considering I have to run back to the Inn and rest my TP, as well as occasionally running to the Church to revive some characters who may of died in the process which wastes 50m a person, and enemies give me anywhere between 1m (chirpers) to 160m a fight (more chirpers then anything really) and the enemies in the dungeon have high defenses.

Where I'm getting anywhere between 52m to 130m a fight in the station and have little to no recover time cause I kill the enemies really fast. I'm making close to 3.5k a hour in the station and I only play about 3 to 3 1/2 hours a day for free time so the way this is going I may have the Planar Sword by the end of the week with enough time and patience, just grinding to max is gonna be the pain but I will get it done, take 1 will be Duo Team: Rhys and Lena, after they're max then Duo Team #2: Mieu and Lyle, once he's done then I'll make the save and put it up.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 7, '11, 3:06 am 
Progress Report

Rhys and his team have trained diligently this day. The five heroes make their way to Hazatak Town where they will rest their wounds and weary muscles. What will come tomorrow? Rhys gazes outside his room window looking up at the night sky, his thoughts only on Maia. Will his training be enough to rescue her? He notices a shooting star in the distance and makes a wish before resting his head on his pillow.

Rhys: Level 23
Mieu: Level 22
Wren: Level 22
Lyle: Level 8
Lena: Level 21

Meseta: 27,492
Total Hours Played: 2:24:50

PostPosted: Tue Jun 7, '11, 10:08 pm 
Good luck Kaloes ^_^ I remember when I grinded for a long time with Rhys to buy a planar sword way back in the day, I gave it to Wren before the generation's last battle so he could pass it down the generations.

Cute sig by the way.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 8, '11, 4:18 am 
Ok so heres what I figure level wise for everyone. Here are the max exp everyone will have by the time they get to max level, and heres my current exp and levels.

Current Exp: 6,408 Level: 25
Max Exp: 102, 071 Max Level: 41

Current Exp: 6,231 Level 25
Max Exp: 27,372,624 Level 85

Current Exp: 5,663 Level 24
Max Exp: 27,372,624 Level 85

Current Exp: 5,628 Level 10
Max Exp: 765906 Level 41

Current Exp: 5,322 Level 24
Max Exp: 102,071 Level 41

So as you can see I have a very long way to go exp wise to getting Rhys Lyle and Lena to max level. Mieu and Wren will not be obtaining Max in the first Generation as they continue on through Gen 2 and 3, now here is the other thing I have to deal with in Ayn's, Nial, and Arons' Generations.

Max Exp: 27,297,998 Max Level 47
Problematic as its just a bit lower then Mieu and Wrens. Either I can take Mieu and Wren to max in this generation with Sari, or just solo her until she reaches max, either way one of, if not all 3 will be max level by the end of Generation 2 and 3.

Max Exp: 27,372,624 Max Level 85
Another problem as I have to grind another character who has just as high of experience as Mieu and Wren in another generation, which causes another great deal of time to be used. Since I'm going my different route this time and doing Ayn's path first rather then the Nial-Adan/Gwyn route first I'll be tackling Laya on at a very later date, but heres also the other problem. Laya appears again in Aron's story, but comes back at a rather low level, so once again I have to grind her back to 85, which makes her exp gain a total of
54,745,248, and extremely high amount of exp to gain for one character. Plus she is involved in Sean and Crys' stories as well, making making her exp total out to 109,490,496 in a total of 4 generations.

So as you can see otherwise the only thing that will take time is the multiple Laya's that have to be maxed out in their current stories, seeing as the exp gain will be higher in Sean Crys and Aron's stories it won't take as long as it would to max her out in Nials.

Current Meseta: 51,721

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