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PostPosted: Sat Mar 8, '14, 2:34 am 
It's bound to be interesting now that Bill Gates has gone back to work at MS as a technical advisor in the programming department. No doubt he's hoping to make sure Windows 9 has every hope of being as successful as past popular Windows itterations.

Already read an article about three or four weeks ago where a lead programmer at MS was interviewed and disclosed that Windows 8 was a massive mistake and that 9 was going to return to the tried and true interface as the default. He then hinted that there would be Metro-style interface that would be there, but the user would have to choose via a setting if they wanted it to activate it or not.

Also coming, not only to Windows 9, but also allegedly this year to Windows 8 SP2 will be a physical release of 64-bit for ARM based systems. This makes perfect sense since Apple is foolishly attempting to prevent Windows from being installed on upcoming Macintoshes by going to proprietary ARM-based CPU's.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 8, '14, 3:55 am 
Ah, Apple, you and your foolish proprietary software/hardware-based ways! Too bad they can't do anything about people using WINE to run Windows! Which is what my sister did for the two wonderful weeks or so she had Ubuntu on her computer before she realized running World of Warcraft through WINE caused it to lag really badly.

(And yes, I'm one to talk about Apple's proprietary software/hardware scheme being silly considering I actually have an Apple //GS emulator installed on my Win 7 computer.)

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