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 Post subject: Wind Energy
PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, '09, 4:02 pm 
So I got thinking about this today. Somewhere southeast of here, they're building a wind farm. The wind turbines were manufactured somewhere in New York, and transporting them to wherever the farm is being built entails that the turbines be trucked pretty much right in front of my house on the main road through town. And these things are HUGE...twice today, the cops of blockaded the road off and guided traffic around the main road through town so that these trucks could take the turbines through town without interference from cars, as they take up almost the entire width of the road, are a few feet taller than your standard trailer truck, and quite a bit longer. This has been going on the entire month, and my mom said that one day they trucked four turbine cylinders through town that she saw. They get police escort and everything.

So...question. What do you all think of wind energy? I personally believe that wind energy is definitely something to be used where it can be used. Once mills are set up, all they really need is just some regular maintenance and that's about it, and the main cost of wind power is just setting up the turbines and power transmission lines. After that, it's quite cheap. Main drawback is that you can't harness wind energy everywhere, but where it can be used, I just don't see why it can't stand as a supplement to other sources or be the main source of power for an area. I know some people say windmills are ugly to look at, but I think they're more attractive than your average oil refinery. There's a refinery here in town, and it's also spewing smoke into the air and the east side of town smells like sulphur a lot of the time because of it. Plus it's on the river bank, so I wonder what kind of pollution gets spewed into the river from the refinery.

What do you all think?

 Post subject: Re: Wind Energy
PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, '09, 5:59 pm 
I think wind energy is a great idea; I wish it was used more often. The windmills take up a lot of space and might not be pleasant to live around, but it's far better than a coal or nuclear plant.

Speaking of New York and places wind energy can't be harnessed reminds me of something I saw on TV about a year ago. Someone overseas developed a type a wind turbine that could be installed on the top of tall buildings, like New York skyscrapers. The program said air movement between these buildings tends to create vertical winds, so these turbines are specially designed to tap into those winds. Supposedly, a few of these turbines could power a building and feed excess energy into the power grid for use elsewhere.

 Post subject: Re: Wind Energy
PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, '09, 8:38 pm 
Well, I really don't know too much about wind energy, but the little I do know, I also think it is a good thing and has major possibilities.

I may be alone on this, but I love windmills. I want a tall one in my own yard, but the only ones I've seen that tall are pretty expensive. I think they are cool to watch and sort of soothing also.

I saw a few advertisements on Tv with that guy named T. Bone Pickens, or whatever his name is, who was talking about windmills or wind energy, I think it was. I think he's on the right track, but not sure if I agree with all he says or not.

I can understand the traffic problem with having to transport all that equipment and to anyone living in the area, it must be an inconvenince of sorts, but hopefully it won't last long and the plus will be greater than the loss or trouble, etc. I think the police would have to escort anything like this which would have to disrupt traffic or traffic lanes in any way to help prevent any type of accident, etc.

I don't know if this is the solution to any of our energy problems or not, but atleast it might be a start.

 Post subject: Re: Wind Energy
PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, '09, 2:49 pm 
Wind power kills birds, oddly enough. But I think honestly, being from a windy place, I would want more wind power here. Beats all that coal power or whatever we have.

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