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PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, '07, 7:44 am
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Imma make this little tid bit for some wild ramblings of some zany things either I or you or everyone comes up with. This is a completely enjoyable section for those who need some comic relief, or just have some fun. By the way it was inspired from my well known favorite Conversations within Elsydeon.

Chapter 1

The few lone cars lined up near at the same time inviting a brillant arrangement of the heroes into a celebration party at the Aeido bar. Out of the glamorous Lotus Elise cruiser stepped a easy paired couple, Rika and Chaz, dressed in a less formal outfit. A sleek black Lambrigini Diablo pulled up carrying the guys:Rune, and Gryz, and Wren (PS4). Then the vehicle unfolded revealing a second Wren (PS3). A cheap but nice Speedster carried Hahn and Saya. They all grouped up and marched proudly into the establishment.

The bar was dark playing Alisian Jazz sung by a solid skin tight dressed Laya, carrying the mic and whipping it at an occasional hunter. Rika and Chaz took Hahn and his girl over to the far off corner table closest to stage to carry out their double date, while cheering on the elegant Layan. The bar was manned by the humorous comedian Raja, who jested towards Laya's singing, telling her secret things about her sister, of which the hunters in the crowd would chant "OOHHH!" then laugh. The bar is the first place the guys started, except Wren noticing a short bright green haired android sitting alone in the center.

The celebration began quietly Laya, eventually getting tired of it and gave Raja a good hard SMACK knocking him out for a good long hour. The party only started to get wild after a new couple, Ayn and Sari stepped in. Along with a few random Motavians and Parmans. Gryz looked up and down at a pleasant red bird and whistled loudly, then stepped over for a "chat". Sari and Ayn found a good spot in the back.

Soon after Alair, Gwyn, both Kara, Mieu and Miun stepped in when the party really started to pick up. Rika was now first experiencing what everyone called "Drunk" as she was booing and hissing at Laya, now very tired who had her final take of it and marched backstage. Where as pretty Kara soon took her role on singing a quiet slow song and her sister Kara, scoffed and joined the guys at the bar. The two redheads joined both wrens and Demi at the other table.

Shortly after, Kyra and Thea stepped in followed by Crys, Aron, Adan, and Sean all looking for a new soon to be bride. Raja was now fully conscious, but drunk and was hitting on Kara at the bar. Some childish comment were thrown at the old Geezards Rhys and Maia, Lyle, and Lena stepping in at this point. The singing Kara couldn't handle the pressure and joined Laya backstage, followed by Rika now stepping up to the crowd. "OHH ITS A JOOOLLY HOLLID*hic*AY IN ALLLLGOOOOOO!!!" Chaz was horrified but in fear of being laughed at hid in his corner.

Ayn kept glancing at Thea rather than his wife Sari who, needless to say wasn't enjoying it and took a good strong knife and pinned him solidly down on the table then jumping to his feet and pointing at him shouting such things that made Rika stop her rant and you could easily hear Kara start to cry backstage.

It wasn't a very enjoyable night, not with the crowd, and especially not when Alys and Alis showed up, completely insulted by the horrid crowd that had been trashing the place, Landale shouted orders at the women telling them it wasn't a day for them and Raja, who was supposed to be running the place but was actually entertaining Kara, who was furious at the woman in pink barking orders, up until Brangwin kicked her sorry little behind out, along with everyone else, especially Chaz, and after giving him a long speech about controlling his wife she drove them home. Alis marked on the door, a Beware sign and left. Raja, still confused now brought the mop out and began to clean.
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