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PostPosted: Mon Jan 6, '14, 2:19 pm 
What consoles/handhelds did you buy at launch? and What made you buy them at launch?

I usually don't buy systems at launch. The last consoles I bought at launch were the Sega Saturn, PSOne, and Sega Dreamcast.

I bought a Saturn because I really wanted to play Panzer Dragoon.

I bought a PSOne because of Battle Arena Toshinden (I know, shut up)

I bought a Sega Dreamcast because I wanted to play Soul Calibur.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 6, '14, 8:01 pm 
I didn't buy a lot of consoles/handhelds at launch ! But I've made this for a lot of DS models ! (but not for the 3DS : I'll speak about it later !)
All the DS models was at home at launch time ! :)
And the same for the Game Boy Advance SP with Zelda : my first handheld console and the start of my fall in love with them :)

And about the 3DS : why not at launch ? Because there wasn't so many great games at this time AND I was SURE (easy ! ;) ) to have an XL model later AND black color (as it's my favourite color about it ! ) : But now I have the black 3DS XL and I don't regret it at all ! Now there is a lot of marvelous games :clap:

PostPosted: Mon Jan 6, '14, 8:44 pm 
I waited to buy my DS Lite and my DSi. I mainly wanted them for the Castlevania games and a handful of GBA games.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 8, '14, 12:57 am 
No way I will ever buy a console or handheld at launch. At least one year after launch if not more. There is hardly any reason for buying a videogame that has 10 games launched and a few promises that may or may not become reality.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 8, '14, 12:36 pm 
I don't think I've ever bought a console at launch. Of course, my boyfriend did get a PS4 at launch, and so far, seems it's worth it. It helps that his brother's roommate also got one at launch, so they could get different games and just trade back and forth.

I have gotten games on launch, but not recently (not since the PS2 was current-gen) and not for huge titles. I think the last title I got on launch day was Destroy All Humans! 2.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 8, '14, 10:03 pm 
TILINELSON : Ah I can understand why you don(t want to buy them but as for me, about the DS, it was because it was so cool to have such new machine with a different way of playing :)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, '14, 9:22 pm 
I bought a Wii on its launch date, it took waiting outside in the freezing cold for 14 hours but it was worth it! I got it partly for Trauma Center: Second Opinion, but mostly just because I had the money at the time and it sounded fun to buy a new system at launch :)
I also bought the Gameboy Advance SP very close to its launch, it probably wasn't the day it launched, but the first time I saw it in a store was the day I bought it. I got it for Pokemon Sapphire and the Castlevania games, and I was looking for an excuse to buy an Adance :)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, '14, 10:02 pm 
I never bought any system at launch. I received my SMSII as a gift but only in 1990 or so, so it wasn't new. The MegaDrive I didn't buy until in the 2000s, on Ebay (or should I say eBaya, Snorb? ;) )

Other than that I have a Wii which wasn't bought until the hype was really over, I think somewhere in 2008 or 2009? I think those are all consoles and handhelds that I own. I do wanted to buy a NES and SNES in the future once with some old games but the Wii Virtual Console made that obsolete.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, '14, 10:22 pm 
WING EYE : 14 hours in the cold ? What a foolish thing to do ! lol :lol: Ah Trauma Center was so great ! And LUCKLY far less difficult that the HORRIBLE DS version ! Great but TOO MUCH difficult.. :(
For me tha SP was to can at last play Zelda 3 a Link to the past ! (But I've never finished it yet ! ;) ) :rofl:

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