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PostPosted: Tue Apr 28, '09, 8:57 pm 
Atlinsmere wrote: Oh really now? Sounds interesting. However, unless I know more I will never know for certain if I want to read it or not.. erm... I'll probably not read it...It's a lie! I'll read it. =P

:D I will probably post it on this site, or the future site that Srijita and I are planning to create. ;)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 29, '09, 2:21 am 
Heikabuchi wrote:Gryz - While he isn't as good of a tank as Wren, he deals plenty of damage and takes quite a bit of punishment. He has a self-buff, Brose, and a great instant death move. Seriously, who wouldn't be intimidates by a 5'7 green furred, axe-wielding monster?

Raja - C'mon... COME ON!!! It's everyones favorite green guy! He's got it all! He's got a fire skill, TP regeneration skill, and more buffs and heals than anyone could use in three lifetimes. Sure, he uses a cane and tells the worst jokes in Algo but with an arsenal like his you'll never have to endure that bitter aftertaste of Trimate ever again! What more could you possibly ask for!?!

Rune - Okay, you've already got a support techer so the only place to go from there is a one-man barrage. Nobody dishes out more damage to more enemies than Rune Walsh. This guy has it all; He's got fire, ice, holy, instant death, and crowd control. When an ally dies and Raja is busy buffing, Rune can dish out Rever and get his comrade back on his feet. Even if he runs out of TP he has so many skills that he could hold off enemies for days. Hewn alone could keep five enemies on their toes, Tandle is so destructive that it could turn sand into glass, and Efess can lay waste to anything even remotely evil. Even with all his destructive capabilities, Rune still has enough time to keep his robe clean and his hair straight.

Alys - No explanation necessary.

Your team sounds so good I think that I must have the same one. Although--maybe I'd subsitute Alis for Alys, as cool as Alys is. ;P

PostPosted: Tue May 5, '09, 4:22 pm 
Hmm hmm hmm...

Demi - Well, she's my favorite character. She can take a fair few hits, automatically heals, can deal out some decent damage...and mass revive, which is something not even Raja can do. That's enough for me.

Raja - For all my healing needs except mass revive...and those awesome attack spells against dark enemies.

Rune - For that offensive power in skills and techniques, with technique points out the wazoo.

For the last, I'm in a tie between Alys, Hahn, Kyra and Rika - the latter three have healing spells, which is always nice to have, but Alys has a knack for hitting everything all the time. I just can't decide if I want hit-all and strong magic power (Alys) strong hit-one with some good skills and heal-all (Rika), weak hit-one but lots of techs techs (Hahn), or a little bit of it all (Kyra).

*Goes to*

Hahn wins.

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